I create Hip-Hop music projects via authentic experiences. Life philosophy is also added to wholesomely portray the experience in a wholesomer way. I create a website for each music project. I write a thematic essay and incorporate knowledge from other sources - such as passages and quotations from books and articles, which are found in the middle and at the end of each website's homepage.
I obtain leasing contracts to use all of the music on each project. I write the lyrics; I record the lyrics; I write the essay; I configure the website; I own the website domains; I compose, edit, & incorporate the additional knowledge.

Epitome Perennial (2013)
Philosophy incorporated: Perennialism
Title of thematic essay: The Stature of Universality
Website with the original music, essay, and additional knowledge: www.EpitomePerennial.com

HollowDreamz (2014)
Philosophy incorporated: Ubuntu
Title of thematic essay: The Spring of Individuality
Website with the original music, essay, and additional knowledge: www.HollowDreamz.com

Energy & Rhythm (coming soon!)
Thematically, Energy & Rhythm provokes toward an expansive awareness.
Lyrically, E&R consists of personal & socially-relevant lyrics unto inspirational and lush music productions.
E&R is yet another evolutionary advancement in the linear story-line of The Salloum, toward grander levels of achievement! 

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