Energy & Rhythm is coming in 2018
ON ENERGY AND RHYTHM'S SIGNIFICANCE and how things are now not only evolving furthermore, but how things have come full circle too (As far as the themes of my Music Series goes)
The two dope aspects about energy and rhythm that will change the dynamic of what I have been receiving from my first two projects: is that the lyrics and my songs will actually be understandable (because i will mix/master my music to utmost quality!). and that it is the end of my music series. Therefore, i am liberated to now make music from a place of the here and now, rather than from a place of collection and interpretation and analysis and studiousness and large-puzzle-piecing stratagem over a period of multiple months (which made it a bit overwhelming and confluxing at times). This will give me a new breathe of life in my music creation, that is, what follows after energy and rhythm... and i will do this in Atlanta, which is a place i look forward to being inspired by, and a place i look forward to discovering myself furthermore, both philosophically, spiritually, and thus artistically.